15 May 2011

The 4th Malaysia Monlam

The 4th Malaysia Kagyu Monlam
Date: 6-8 May 2011
Venue: Karma Drubgyu Choling, Kluang, Johor, West Malaysia.
Presiding Master: Tulku Pasang Rinpoche
Photos courtesy of Lai Chee Keong & Chloe Chong
Report by Karyn Wu 

Tulku Pasang Rinpoche and some 50 other monks from India, Nepal, and Bhutan gathered at Karma Drubgyu Choling Kluang for the three-day ceremony to chant a series of prayer for world peace compiled from classic Tibetan Buddhist texts. 
Karma Drubgyu Choling Kluang

There was an opening ceremony on 5 May, a day before the monlam began. Events of the day were lion dance performance and opening speech by Lama Chodrak.
Lion dance performance at the entrance of Karma Drubgyu Choling
Lama Chodrak giving the opening speech


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